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Authentic Brown sugar fudge the way it is supposed to be made with simple ingredients,.....from the America's Best lost recipes book.

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Penuche Fudge

This is so addictive! A delicious, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth fudge made with just 5 ingredients!

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Penuche is a creamy, fudgelike candy made with brown sugar, butter, milk or cream and vanilla. Chopped nuts are sometimes added. The mixture is heated to the soft-ball stage, whipped until thick and either dropped onto a cookie sheet or poured into a pan and allowed to set. The name is derived from the Mexican word for "raw sugar" or "brown sugar." Penuche makes a delicious treat for gift-giving at Christmas time or anytime during the holiday season.

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Buttery Penuche (Brown Sugar) Fudge

Buttery Penuche (Brown Sugar) Fudge from This makes the most delicious, decadent rich buttery penuche fudge you will ever taste.