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Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pens, Assorted Tips - Pack of 3 (Fine, Medium and Broad) Pentel

from Hello Brio Studio

How to use the Pentel Aquash water brush pen for watercolor

Click to learn how to use the Pentel Aquash water brush pen for watercolor. A full video tutorial and a list of tips will get you up and running for watercolor art and brush lettering!

From @starofmay - “New video at my blog of this lettering... Watercolor Brush Lettering with a Light Pad. --------------- Watercolor: Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated…”

From @starofmay - “Day 5 of the #letteritfebruary challenge from @jennyhighsmith. --------------- Brush: Pentel Aquash Brush, size small Watercolor: Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant…”

Early morning watercolor brush lettering (and some flowers and leaves because I can't resist). Day 16 of the #letteritmarch challenge from @jennyhighsmith. --------------- Brushes: Pentel Aquash Water Brush size small (blue lettering and flowers) Cheap Joes synthetic round brush size 8x0 (all silver) Watercolor: Dr. Ph. Martin Radiant Concentrated Water Color in Slate Blue FineTec Pearl Colors in Sterling Silver Paper: Canson XL Watercolor --------------- #kwdesign365quotes #brushlettering…

Day 1 of the #letteritfebruary challenge from @jennyhighsmith. And yes that Ice Yellow looks like it's glowing! I lettered on cream cardstock and it makes the yellow look SUPER bright. That's one of the things I love about Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Water Color. It definitely has a luminosity that other paints do not. Super fun to letter with. :) Brush: Pentel Aquash Brush size small Watercolor: Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Water Colors in Tropic Pink (in brush) and Ice Yellow (picked up from a…

Ever wonder what the differences are between different water brushes? I tried to put together a little comparison between the 5 that I have. In my opinion the easiest brushes to learn with are the Kuretake (1) or Pentel medium (3) or Pentel large (4). These all have a brush tip length:width ratio that are easiest to manipulate. The Pentel small (2) and Sakura Koi (5) are long and thin meaning they are much harder to control if you aren't used to it yet. For a deeper explanation keep…