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Pentacle necklace, sterling silver, victorian, gothic style

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This beautiful moon pentacle plaque incorporates Pagan and Celtic symbolism, which flows endlessly, as Celtic knot work does. Made from cold cast resin with a stone finish. On the outside of this cres

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I have nowhere else to put this. Maybe I need a spirituality page....

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Earth Magick | Magic Circle Casting | Pentagram | Pentacle | Nature Witch | Pagan | Witchcraft | Wicca | Ritual | Ceremony | Alter | Esoteric | Occult.

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The Messenger? ~ Unknown (silverwitch)

1) mates mom couldn't find a replacement kidney in time, and she sadly passed on. I then made a decision that when the time came to reform laws in accomodating Mission "Attributes" and "Capabilities" i would introduce the "Capability" of purchasing organs to be transplanted in to awaiting Mission patients !

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The pentacle. maybe i was wrong about the pentacle being represented for casting for demons. looks like it is pure

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