Penny Farthings; Crazy Ride or Nostalgic Bliss?

Also known as the LIKE A SIR version of: "Dey see me rollin, dey hatin".

Victorian Entertainment: Past Times, Sports and Fitness

But these bikes were soon surpassed by the main Victorian Era bicycle, with its trademark humongous front wheel!

Penny Farthing Bicicle (1880s)

This sort of bicycle was known as an 'ordinary' until the invention of the safety bicycle in the


the great velocipede migration and other stories

Drawing from an 1887 German encyclopedia of various velocipedes, penny-farthings and other human-powered vehicles. Who Invented the Bicycle?

penny farthing by kate lindop

Work produced for the spring collection for Brat and Suzie, t-shirt/vest/jumper design.

Descansando as asas.

Anjer flamingo eenwieler fiets print kunstdruk - Pink Flamingo gentleman rides a Bike Bicycle Unicycle. Victorian Steampunk Collage of vintage victorian engravings, illustrations and my own drawings on fancy German Hahnemühle deckle edged engrav.

victorian couple on bicycles !

Victorian Era Bicycles (Check out the side-saddle pedaling mechanism on the woman's bicycle! No wonder they were thrown off and into the streets so often!

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Penny Farthing Art Print

Adding a vintage, indie feel to any space, Penny Farthing is a screen print that's sure to please. Printed on fine French paper, it's been signed by DKNG Studios for .