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"To be beautiful is to be almost dead, isn't it?" "Ser hermoso es estar casi muerto, ¿no es así?" — Vanessa Ives

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Penny Dreadful ladies and gents! If you're not watching it and are able to handle the mature content(On the level with Game of Thrones), watch it! It is well-crafted and engaging. Also it does well to address modern issues in a Victorian setting while keeping things from veering into anachronism. The navigation of the classic Victorian literary figures is wonderful. Also the twists and turns will leave you floored at times. And by floored I mean on the floor holding yourself crying.

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I'm digging Penny Dreadful, my new binge watching obsession. the show takes place in the 1890s, and Eva Green's Vanessa Ives has some fantastic costumes in dark, rich colors and fabrics, with subtle changes between day and evening shades.

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The L and A could be closer to the rest of the words/lettering. Maybe add some tilt so it flows more. Spacing issues. Mr Lyle should not have a period

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Your One-Stop Summer TV Guide Is Right Here

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