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I'm digging Penny Dreadful, my new binge watching obsession. the show takes place in the 1890s, and Eva Green's Vanessa Ives has some fantastic costumes in dark, rich colors and fabrics, with subtle changes between day and evening shades.

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Penny Dreadful~new Victorian era horror drama on Showtime

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Penny Dreadful

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Série/ Penny Dreadful (saison 1) : critique

This show is fantastic. Full of my favorite things, based on some of my favorite novels of all time.

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It is the kind of show that has actors play they part epic-ly and so perfect that make you just speechless, and give you lots of goosebumps.

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penny dreadful season 2 Vanessa & ethan. I want their wardrobe

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Vanessa + Ethan | Penny Dreadful | Season 2 |Promotional Episode Photos | Episode 2.07 - Little Scorpion

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Penny Dreadful - Season 1 Episode 2 Still

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Penny Dreadful, Episode 3.07

Penny Dreadful, quote from S1E4 Demimonde

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