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It was Penguin Awareness Day on January 20th apparently. I LOVE this infographic, it's so cute!!! ^_^ I need this in a poster form.


The emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and is endemic to Antarctica. The male and female are similar in plumage and size reaching 122 cm (48 in) in height and weighing from 22 to 45 kg (49 to 99 lb). The dorsal side and head are black and sharply delineated from the white belly pale-yellow breast and bright-yellow ear patches. Like all penguins it is flightless with a streamlined body and wings stiffened and flattened into…

from Mail Online

Getting up close: New episodes of Sir Attenborough Planet Earth show

A chain of salt lakes, found at over 4000m high in the Andes, provide a safe refuge for flamingo colonies. They gather here to breed, first performing a peculiar parade dance to select a mate


Adélie penguin: Adélie penguins breed and raise their young farther south than any other penguin, on the continent of Antarctica. In September and October—springtime in that part of the world—thousands of Adélies gather on the rocky Antarctic shoreline. The huge gatherings are called colonies. This is where the Adélies breed and raise their young.


The African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus), also known as the Jackass Penguin and Black-footed Penguin is a species of penguin, confined to southern African waters. It is also widely known as the "Jackass" Penguin for its donkey-like bray, although several related species of South American penguins produce the same sound.


The Yellow-eyed penguin (Megadyptes antipodes) breeds around the south island of New Zealand and other islands south of New Zealand