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Holy Shit just like they're doing now! We need to wake people up fast! Illuminati

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(Posted comment: Commercial airlines cant fly over a militarized zone (air force, army, cia base, disclosed locations etc.) Meaning the government knew nor tried to prevent it.. More then likely allowed. Source: Secrets of the Federal Reserve

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Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor by Robert Stinnett,

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"The Last Mooring" by Tom Freeman - The USS Arizona before the Japanese sneak attack at Pearl Harbor

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SHOCK CLAIM: 'World will END' when poles flip and mega earthquake strikes TODAY

Pearl Harbor And The “Back Door To War” Theory

7 December 1941. A Japanese midget submarine after having been raised by the U.S. Navy at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard in December 1941. This submarine had been sunk by USS Monaghan (DD-354) in Pearl Harbor.

[/r/dank_meme] The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy