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The Headless Woman of Forest Hill Cemetery (Pearl Bryan) - Greencastle, Indiana Pearl Bryan lived in the farm country of Greencastle, Indiana in the late 1800's. Pearl was introduced to a dental student from Cincinnati named Scott Jackson by her cousin Will Woods. Pearl and Scott would see each other when he visited Greencastle and soon a relatio

The Murder and Ghost of Pearl Bryan, Part l, The myths and rumors that surrounded this sensationalized murder trail.

Who killed Pearl Bryan and where is her head?

The Murder of Pearl Bryan

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Pearl Bryan's fame being created from mystery and legend. She is famous for supposedly being one of the many souls that haunts Bobby Mackey's Music world in Wilder, Kentucky, located near the site where Pearl's body was discovered.

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The Murder and Ghost of Pearl Byran, Part l, The myths behind the haunting at Bob Mackey's Music World.

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