Today we built a wall outside Trump Tower with the message #buildkindnessnotwalls and now we are looking for more volunteers for future peaceful protests to stand up to intolerance hate racism sexism and #trump email if you are interested in learning more! Lets spread kindness empathy and love. Link in profile to watch the video from today. #12kindsofkindness @timothygoodman by jessicavwalsh

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FEMININE: I chose this for my female persona because it plays on words and rhymes to make an impact. I think females respond better to words than males; females are more patient with advertisements. This phrase will also go great with a photo related to nature in the background.

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I have participated in COUNTLESS protests and I have been lucky not to have been beaten, bullied, or arrested. Not yet anyway. #activism

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Obama passed a law making it illegal to peacefully protest his politics near him. He is the only President of The United States to make peaceful protest illegal.

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Protest Sign | Political Riot | System Failure | Society | Capitalism | Government | Anarchy

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Think America, we've seen this before. All OF OUR LIVES will change (and not for the better) under a Trump Presidency.

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