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Craig Redman & Karl Maier Awesome Illustrations creative duo “We live in different parts of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way.

Oliver Gal 'Peace Out' Wall Art available at #Nordstrom

'Peace Out' Wall Art

Oliver Gal 'Peace Out' Wall Art available at In my teens I drew and painted so many of my own hand, the largest was 4 foot tall.

Love And Peace To All    -    Elsie  =))

When Enough People Choose Peace ~ Stop War! …as a general rule, people take offense at being bombed. Peace is not established by threats… Peace is established by working together. You cannot negotiate peace with a bomb… you only delay retaliation.

“The peace sign is just the trigger and the middle finger…” Lil’ Wayne

Seldom-noticed anatomical fact

Signe de paix / peace sign

The saw the first moonwalk, established the hippie culture and was inspired by Dr.

I would like my house to be well treated and that is what the hand symbolizes; peace.

Peace to all of you! I don't know if anyone reads my rants on these peace signs pins, but they should because they would know that I'm missing someone who was very special to me! My sweet daughter Ashlie Terry!