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Foam board cut in shape of hand and then mosaic with more painted foam board. I would add metal charms also. Projects To Try, Patti Montgomery, Try it.

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Engraved Shalom Rock - Shalom in Hebrew

Reach out and bless someone! Shalom means peace, nothing missing, nothing broken, wellbeing, and complete. Your Shalom rock will bear same engraving on a natura

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Golda Meir: The fourth Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir spoke of the tension between her kibbutznik past and her role in Yom Kippur War. This quote was taken from book "As Good as Golda," wherein Meir spoke of the responsibility Jewish people had, not to the state of Israel, but to those who came before and did not survive the Holocaust.

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Truth Emet Hebrew Message Card. Learn more about Hebrew at:

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Yeshua in the right palm of our hand!!!! For God so loved the world He gave is only begooten Son........

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Psalm 8:1 " YAHWEH" This is what God said to Moses when Moses asked, "What do I say when they ask who sent me?" Exodus 3 To say "YAHWEH" in Hebrew, sounds like breathing; just as God breathed life into us. HIS NAME BRINGS LIFE.. Amen.

The use of the word “Shalom” in the Scriptures always points towards…

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