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PE Warmup Games --- 9 Different Games to warm up your kids before sport. Detailed instructions, no equipment required. Music optional and recommended for two games. Appropriate for all ages. #reachingteachers

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PE Poster: Why Physical Education?

PE Poster: Why Physical Education? My teachable is physical education, and i want to give students the opportunity to have a positive experience with physical education.

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PE Poster: Displaying Sportsmanship in Physical Education

Our culture, our heritage, our future - I have a dream. A dream that showed me how valuable our culture and heritage would be; if properly preserved and not commercialized like any other service and or commodity. I had a dream about the past, that...

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PE Poster: What Happens to my Body During Exercise?

LOOK AT ME, I'M HOT, SWEATY AND TIRED; WHAT A GREAT WORKOUT!!! This colorful Physical Education Poster identifies 10 important body reactions that occur during

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Non-Elimination Musical Chairs. Cool twist on a classic.

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Physical Education / Gym / PE Rules Poster

This poster can be used in the physical education classroom or gym. The four rules will help students make smart choices as they get fit and have fun in your special enrichment class!

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Thought this could be a fun way to implement a physical activity lesson that gets students moving and interacting with others. This activity relates to the health and physical education planned curriculum, focusing on the strand of movement competence: skills, concepts and strategies. Students get to spin the board and whatever it falls on he or she must complete the physical movement for a certain amount of time.

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