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**Difference between freedom and liberty | The Millennial Star ~ Read the article the person comments beneath by the BYU guy also: from FB friend Joseph Anthony Thomashefski


"Tithing is a token of gratitude, obedience, and thanksgiving—a token of our willingness and dedication. Paying tithing, willingly, develops an honest and pure heart. Paying tithing increases our love for the Lord." Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi #ldsconf #mormon

All of us can afford to pay Tithing. In reality none of us can afford NOT to pay Tithing - President Thomas S. Monson.


Tithing Family Home Evening (The Parable of the Skittles) DEFINITELY AT THE TOP OF MY LIST OF BEST THINGS ON PINTEREST!!!


Should Christians pay Tithes, and what is the purpose of paying tithes?

Paying tithing is not a token gift we are somehow charitably bestowing upon God. Paying tithing is discharging a debt. Jeffrey R. Holland

As we faithfully pay tithing, it becomes not only a habit but a meaningful ritual of service to the Lord.

Should A Student Pay Tithe?