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With the bricks set, pour polymeric sand over them and use the brush to sweep it into the spaces between them

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With the hose, wash the edging with a gentle spray, dampening the sand between the bricks without dislodging it. As the sand absorbs water, it will set, acting like grout to lock the bricks in place for years to come.

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PolySweep - the choice for all Stonehenge-installed hardscapes polymeric sand for between pavers

The first project was to build a pebble mosaic carpet. This elaborate design took a month to lay out and set. I first arranged the entire mosaic in a bed of sand on site and then disassembled it and set it in mortar, using forms to break it up in to sections.

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This is a great way to include an area for diggers, which are an essential element of children's gardens.

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DIY: Brick Patio Tutorial Good for area between raised beds and sidewalk. Fit in rocks, etc. in pattern.

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Use something like this - 1 bag per bucket. ($2.74). We used Garden Pro paver sand 0.5 cubic feet

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