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Paul Ryan Email

An email published in recent days by Wikileaks shows the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in cahoots with controversial Democratic operative Robert Creamer to “get some folks out front” of the Republican National Committee (RNC) to protest Donald Trump at a meeting the presidential candidate held with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan.

The Truth About Paul Ryan He Desperately Tries to Hide ~ There is no doubt that the so-called Freedom Caucus knew this about Ryan when they threw their support behind him for the Speaker's post.

RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter.... Paul Ryan Jumped On The First Opportunity To Betray Trump And The Conservative Principles He Was Supposed to Represent

Trump Outlines Plan To Make America Wealthy Again -

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House Speaker Ryan isn't ready to back Trump's 'stop and frisk' plan

Paul Ryan stop and frisk | House Speaker Paul Ryan wouldn't say he supported…

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Ryan: House to vote on barring guns for suspected terrorists

Vote within days on gun control - and this might actually pass, as Speaker Paul Ryan plans on purchase ban for terror suspects on no-fly list

While I loathe to write anything positive about Paul Ryan, this is sort of hilarious. This week is all-out war in the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s campaign team are taking swipes at the Speaker of the House after he uninvited Donald Trump to an...

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GOP committee chairs officially ask for Hillary Clinton PERJURY probe

NO BRIEFINGS: House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has asked the Director of National Intelligence to withhold classified national security briefings from Hillary Clinton as her campaign moves forward

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Now Congress prepares to question the FBI over email scandal

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the FBI's decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton 'defies explanation.' Republican-controlled committees are in a position to push for answers – and keep the controversy in the s

House Speaker Paul Ryan is convinced that now his wet dream of privatizing Medicare will be realized.  [I]n a Fox News interview with Bret Baier, Ryan said Medicare privatization is on. “Your solution has always been to put things together,...