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ASDFGHJKL!!!! AND PAUL IS UP THERE O MY GOSH HE WAS WITH HIM THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!HahahahahahHahahHahHahHahHahaAHahahHahAHahHahahHahahahahHah


Paul, sorry for the fans that make your job even harder. I promise, some of us are sane. >>>>> like me!! Jk jk


Paul Catherall Linocut The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum have a R100 & R101: Airships at Cardington exhibition - they commissioned an exclusive artwork from print maker Paul Catherall. Below.


Paul Higgins , imma Higginator to the fullest! And if you're not revaluate your life! Thank you

So many things wrong with this. First of all, why is Liam in a dress. Second of all why is Paul a mother. And third, why does Niall have a mullet. Reason #5132165413 5468 why directioners shouldn't make edits.


So paul quit!:( Thanks for looking after our boys:( apparently he had a fall out with zayn but I dont know<<is that true<<Its true< :(

It's true! #Letpaulsing>>> it is honestly shamefull why.. this is why I dislike manegment GOD he is just as special as the others god! #LetPaulSing smh guys smfh