I want a petterdale terrier as my first dog! :)

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The Patterdale Terrier, is an English breed of dog descended from the Northern terrier breeds of the early Century.

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Patterdale Terriers are friendly and inquisitive. Pals to everyone, they get along with all personality types. However, they are also supremely confident and energetic. Patterdale Terriers may look cute and cuddly, but in fact they have energy to burn. Keep them exercised and occupied with tasks, and they'll be perfectly happy household pets.

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Patterdale Terrier Dog Lovers: Basics of Patterdale Terrier Training

Basics of Patterdale Terrier Training It's essential for Patterdale Terrier parents like you to know certain basic factors that deter.

The modern Patterdale Terrier is usually to fell terriers, what the Jack Russell Terrier is to hunt terriers-the indisputable leader in numbers and functionality as a breed.

Black and Tan Patterdale Terrier The Black and Tan, or Manchester, Terrier as we know him to-day is a comparatively new variety, and he is not to be confounded with the original terrier with tan and black colouring which was referred to by Dr.

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Patterdale Terrier is one of the most lively, inquisitive, and affectionate terrier breed of dogs.

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This 2-3 year old male Patterdale Terrier  looks a lot like Annie

Patterdale Terrier is a small dog, friendly, confident and energetic, Patt was developed in the Lake District, England. Patterdale initially developed to