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Sometimes it's difficult to find the exact words to express your feelings. Sometimes you need to borrow from a fountain of pure genius to translate your...

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Behind the scenes of ''AbFab'''s new season

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Patsy rising from the fire like a drunken Phoenix - my absolute favorite scene!!! Saffy: She inhaled our kitchen! :)

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Absolutely Fabulous, also known as Ab Fab, is a British sitcom created by Jennifer Saunders, based on an original idea by her and Dawn French, and written by Saunders, who plays the leading character. It also stars Joanna Lumley and Julia Sawalha, along with June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks.

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Fashion Whores. Trend Chasers. Chain Smoking. Drunken Boozers. It's "Absolutely Fabulous" dahhh-ling! Written by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

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Absolutely Fabulous, uk show that makes me laugh so hard sometimes, I start crying. Its loud, its shrill, its flamboyant, its not pc, its funny, its fabulous.

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Absolutely Fabulous. My fave moment: When Eddy is showing Patsy all her new 'art' in her living room, they notice a coffin sitting there and Eddy describes it in shock to which Patsy replies, 'Yeah but is it ART?'

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Cringe Index shows most embarrassing things parents do to children

Absolutely Fabulous . I knew people like this, in fact I may have been one of them. Funny I watched this episode last night on You tube we don't get this show in Central America

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