ElfyAubrie Pirate Catwoman based on Noflutter's artwork Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay photo by Adam Patrick Murray www.facebook.com/elfyaubrie #cosplay #pirate #catwoman #noflutter #artwork #piratecatwoman #cosplayer

Minister Patrick Murray of Full Gospel Holy Temple Preached the Truth About Today's Church Being Unholy ~ Sanctified Church Revolution

Patrick Murray, PhD, Ken Rosenthal, PhD & Michael Pfaller, MD discuss their book "Medical Microbiology, 7th Edition." #medschool #medicalschool #microbiology

Forget the fact that they high jacked the election from Bernie through the primaries and at the DNC….now we have evidence they have been desperately trying to push Hillary in the polls. Take a look at the Net Message to pollster Patrick Murray and make note of the (his eyes only) disclaimer!

Patrick Murray and Richie Donado, Looking | The 38 Hottest And Worst TV Couples Of 2014

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