XD me in the background as this happens. "Keep it cool... DONT SCREAM.. They will think your a freak... DONT SCREAM"

surprised patrick meme sleeping with sirens LOLzies

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I don’t know why clean humor quotes, I think the dirty humor is the better it is, but on contrary due to peoples demand here are some hilarious and funniest clean humor quotes, enjoy em

Hahahaha    That's soo cool

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Surprised Patrick Meme

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The 25 best Adele-inspired memes.  Patrick, not thrilled.

I don't know why this was so funny. Maybe cuz I can hear Patrick voice in my head

If you see a GIF go viral during the MTV Movie Awards chances are T. Kyle MacMahon will have assembled it. He believes GIFs are the new emoticons of online conversation.

Meet the Guy Making the Viral GIFs During MTV Movie Awards

The Best Surprised Patrick Memes. (GIF's) These are hilarious!!!

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