Once again, this is mocking Donald Trump. Donald said some abnormal comments about his daughter that disgusted many. This pic is using a Star Trek character to make fun of Donald and his supporters.

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Pat Robertson, Asshole of the Day for March 29, 2014 by TeaPartyCat..because he is a GOP before he is a christian

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Whoa. Pat Roberston wants Ken Ham to STFU. That's how crazy you are, Ham. Even wack ass Pat Roberston thinks you are making xtians look like idiots.

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Pat Robertson, Encourages Man To Move To Saudi Arabia So He Can Beat His Wife. I thought this might have been taken out of context. Watch the whole clip. Very sad and unJesus-like.

Anderson Cooper Clobbers Pat Robertson - The commentary is boring, but the actual clip of A.C. is hilarious. Don't piss off A. C.!

Always telling callers to simply pray for physical healing- yet runs to science when it's about HIM. See this POS’s bio - click image. He's scum, from way back to his military career (that he lied about), to his investments, politics, etc. Big fat lying self-promoting, financially-greedy profiteering scumbag. The ONLY reason that anyone even knows who he is, is that he's robbed enough countries of resources to self-promote his own arse everywhere - and buy influence and media.

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