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I could do with one of those!


Pastinak (Pastinaca sativa), Illustration "Der #Pastinak (Pastinaca sativa)…

PARSNIP ESSENTIAL OIL - use well diluted for rheumatic pain by slowly massaging it into the affected area.


Edible Wild Plants: Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca Sativa)


Pastiňák Kamo - Pastinaca sativa - prodej osiva - 1 gr

The parsnip [ Pastinaca sativa ] is related to the carrot and was brought to Britain by the Romans. It is a very hardy root vegetable and is wonderful when roasted. It also makes a great addition to casserole, soups and stews. Easy to grow and require little maintenence. They can be left in the garden, even in the coldest weather. Parsnips are usually sown in early spring, and if successive sowings are made, parsnips can be harvested from autumn right through the winter

pastinák setý - Pastinaca sativa | Květena České republiky - plané rostliny ČR…

Pastinaak, Pastinaca sativa subsp. Sativa. | de wilde bloemplanten van ...

Pasternak półdługi biały (Pastinaca sativa) 5g