I wanted Lavender hair so bad last summer. Sadly I forgot my dads colour blind before he did it. I must have also forgotten he's my dad. So.

Roma Blonde - 10NVA. Cool blonde with smoky undertones

Bad girl Nicole Richie - another person I picture as Brandi duffy in Baby Me OMG

Tagged with Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie’s hair is brown and she frequently changes hair styles. Nicole Richie married musician Joel Madden on December Nicole Richie has a fashion line called House of Harlow

Silver Lavender hair without it falling off.

I love this one but my manager said no to "fad hair cuts". So I couldn't do lavender. SILVER LAVENDER Using all I also dragged out her natural base color so her maintenance would be lower. Base: Ends: Styled by my assistant

“@vividartistichairdesign did her new 'Pearling' method on me today thank you so so much I loveeeee it!!! #rainbowhair #pearlhair #pearlescent…”

Get your tickets for the Hair Battle LIVE event on Feb 20 at SKU number Metallic using and with on rootagé and everywhere else ! And and Violet color creative with HairBestie