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This is two people an old lady and a little girl whose faces are next to each other and it shows the past present and the future.

I don’t like to get political, though I have found the whole process this year quite entertaining, and I spend more time than I should wondering where Hillary Clinton purchases her clothing. But I do care about the direction … Continue reading →

Rovina Cai is an illustrator from Melbourne, Australia who loves making illustrations that evoke a sense of intrigue

Illustrations by Rovina Cai

Illustrations by artist Rovina Cai, who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. See more of her work below!

Sir John Lawes Art Faculty: Edexcel GCSE Art Exam 2016 Past Present And Or Future - Appropriation Art - Art based on appropriation of other Artists imagery

Marcel Duchamp Fountain Marcel Duchamp took a mass production factory made object a urinal, signed it with a fictitious Artists' nam.

This links to the theme because it shows the young and the old from the past and present

Nobel Prize Winner Claims to Have Found the Key to Slowing Aging

the ghosts of our past

Art and photography such as this can have a big impact on society. Photographs like these allow people to realize the kind of destruction of our environment is happening. This picture is also an example of a clear cut deforestation technique where all tre

Creepy: This combination of pictures makes viewers wonder how many people have stood before the Eiffel Tower unaware that Adolf Hitler once ...

This is us with Hitler by the Eiffel Tower: Amazing time-travel pictures combine past and present as dictator is seen in Paris and D-Day landing soldiers on modern-day beach

Photos of Modern Day Locations Blended with Shots of Major Historical Events by photographer Seth Taras created a series of photographs for a worldwide marketing campaign for the History Channel with the message “Know Where You Stand.

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We are all so busy these days! Being present in the moment is something we all struggle with. Find out how to be more present and live each day to the fullest!

12 Tenses table that explains the 12 verb tenses present, past and future in simple present, future and continuous form

math worksheet : in english grammar tenses table verb tenses tutorial and : French Verb Tenses Exercises Pdf

past present future photography - Google Search

This links to the theme because its image of a young child on a road with really bad quality and that would show the past and then the background shows the present.

Verb tenses explained for primary-school parents | Present past and future tenses explained | TheSchoolRun

What is verb tense? Verbs are words which express actions. The tense of a verb tells us the time when the action took place, in the past, the present or the future. Identifying verb tenses There are three main tenses: present, past and future.

Linda Morand, 1966 photo from the book "Pierre Cardin: Past, Present, Future"   Space Age Helmut

Linda Morand, 1966 "Pierre Cardin: Past, Present, Future" space age fashion style vintage designer white suit jacket skirt helmut hat