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Unforgiven (1992)

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Let's Look Back At Just How White Past Oscar Winners Have Been

There’s a brown girl in the ring, tra la la la la, and she looks like the sugar in a plum, plum, plum. Jezebel wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth; she probably had even less than every one...

A DVD display featuring films that were either past Oscar winners or past Oscar nominees (in any category), set up in Feb 2016 at the Bennett Martin Public Library in downtown Lincoln, NE.

Past Oscar winners share where their trophies are kept now

Past Oscar winners share where their trophies are kept now - NY ...

Nicole Kidman and Sissy Spacek - 2003 At 5'11" (without heels!), Nicole Kidman was already a head taller than the petite Sissy Spacek, but the two looked chummy backstage in 2003. Six-time nominee (and 1981 Best Actress winner) Spacek was there to participate in the 75th Past Oscar Winners reunion, and she congratulated Kidman on winning Best Actress for her work in "The Hours." (Photo courtesy AMPAS)

The March 2, 2014, Forbes article “Oscar Winners Teach Five Lessons On Estate Planning” by Danielle and Andy Mayoras begins: "In conjunction with the 2014 Oscars, we can look back at past Oscar winners like Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra to see how their estates illustrate important estate planning lessons that everyone can benefit from — even those who aren’t walking the red carpet."

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She may have only had a supporting role in what seemed like rotary of '30's faces, but, Marjorie Rambeau walked away with the film secured between her décolletage. She was not to be the first (nor last) to have her turn playing the weary, streetwise slattern. In this case she played one past-her-prime, but, if ever Oscar winner Marie Dressler had an equal worthy of usurping, it was this divine portrait of declining humanity.

2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party "True Blood" star -- and past Oscar winner -- Anna Paquin attends the Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash, held at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood.

Cassette Tape Invitation

Cassette Tape Invitation by event123 on Etsy, $1.45 - This would be great with a CD, mixed set of MUSIC for INVITE, or DVD of past OSCAR idea.