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Psychology-Passive Aggressive So many people act passive aggressive towards others and might not realize what they're doing.

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This is parental alienation! Mothers with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are more likely to alienate their child from the dad......

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Excellent article on children so are very angry, what can cause anger and what ODD is (oppositional defiant disorder) Don't laugh and say "all kids get angry." You have NO idea! - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

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*Socially Awkward Penguin* is an image series featuring a penguin with zero self-esteem and zero social skills. The image macros typically narrate some of the most uncomfortable situations we've all encountered in real life. Awesome.

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One way to visualise the differences between different personality disorders - Parking Lot of the Personality Disordered

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Women suffer from this disorder quite often. Mood swings, anger and resentment seethe under a falsely passive front until it erupts, blame and criticism mingled with insecurity and a self righteous martyrdom. They lapse back into sullen silence with attempts to be cheerful, but aggression lingers and manipulation, ultimatums, and threats to leave show the truth. Often called a disorder of the personality, its roots are in childhood and carry throughout the life, tainting all around.

If only I had known years ago! I did read in a book that parents either always allow arguing or never allow disagreement which is bad too. Need to find middle ground. I know I've gone to far in allowing the arguing. Which means she'll be just like me! :( God help her! Learn How to Stop Your Child from Arguing with You - Empowering Parents

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