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Feeding Passion Flower Vines – How To Fertilize A Passion Flower Vine

Passion Vine Fertilizer: Tips On Fertilizing Passion Flowers - Passion flower vines are great to grow as attractive screens, floral cover-ups or simply over an arbor as decorative shading. Caring for these intricate flowers includes properly feeding passion flower vines. This article will help.

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How to Grow Passionflower

How to Grow Passionflower. This perennial is amazing. It does not flower profusely, but each flower is mesmerizing!


Passion flower - we had these in our back yard growing up. They take over but are so interesting looking and beautiful when there are many in full bloom on the vine.


Do you know why this is called the passion flower? It represents the Passion of Christ. The 10 petals of the flower represent the 10 apostles who were present at the crucifixion. The Holy Trinity is portrayed by the three secondary calyx leaf bracts. The 72 filaments symbolize the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. The three stigmas represent Christ and the two thieves on the the crosses.


Passion flowers (like Orchids) are a world unto themselves with approximately 500 different species and about as many hybrids. Characterized by a ring of coronal filaments (straight, curvy, spiky, or anything in-between), they appear, to me at least, like flowers from another planet.


Maypops are one of the most cold hardy of all Passionfruit species. This herbaceous vine is vigorous, produces stunning flowers, and has a tropical tasting fruit... yet it can be grown throughout most of the U.S.


Description for Passion Flower Clematis Beautiful 3-4" blooms are distinguished by the central boss of purple stamens that becomes larger as the bloom matures, persisting on the stem long after the white petals have dropped. It blooms for an exceptionally long period, starting on old growth in early summer, then continuing on new growth. Plant roots deep and mulch heavily. Reaches heights of 6-10'. Ships in a 3" pot. Zones 5-9 Clematis florida ‘Sieboldii’


Passiflora caerulea, or passion flower is a real show stopper. To see more climbers, visit our website: Photo by Jason Ingram