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Montgolfier brothers - Wikipedia

A photo of the two airliners that were hijacked and flown to Jordan on that September 6, 1970 (photo credit: wiki)

Flying Scotsman (train) - On 11 May 1926, the Flying Scotsman was derailed by strikers near Newcastle. The British Worker, alarmed at the fears of the General Council of the TUC that there was to be a mass drift back to work, claimed: "The number of strikers has not diminished; it is increasing. There are more workers out today than there have been at any moment since the strike began."


"The Polar Express" • by Svetlin Marinov • "The Septemvri–Dobrinishte narrow gauge line is the only operating narrow gauge (760 mm) line in Bulgaria. It is operated by Bulgarian State Railways. The line is actively used with seven passenger trains running per day. The journey takes five hours through the valleys and gorges between Rila and Rhodopes."


HMS Britannic sinks Nov 21, 1916. The sister ship of the Titanic she had been vastly improved after the Titanic sank. Of the 1066 people on board, 1036 survived. This was despite panicked sailors rushing the lifeboats and launching them early, only to be sucked into the props and ground up. The ship was used as a hospital ship and hit a mine and sank in 55 minutes. The captain performed heroically as did the engineers, keeping power til the last minute. She lies in 400 feet of water in the…


Duff Gordon is best known, however, for the circumstances under which he survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, along with his wife and her secretary, Laura Mabel Francatelli.[3] The three of them were among only 12 people in Lifeboat #1,


LNER - Camping Coaches in England and Scotland - what happened to them? See my Transport board and