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This is a very easy basic hijab style for beginners, it's simple, quick and will fit with everyone's shape, you can try pashmina, viscose or even jersey hijabs, with either solid colors or different patterns, this style is practical for…


This is the perfect "hijab with folds" classic look, we've seen many bloggers wearing it, it looks beautiful and everyone can choose how many folds or volume they want, this look is very easy and quick to make, with no…


Yaps! Minimalist style :). Daily Hijab tutorial by helminurasifah. Thank you, keep inspiring;) . Mat : pashmina cotton shawl . TAP TAP....and mention your friends;) SPAM LIKE FREE LONG CARDI :)


DAILY HIJAB by yhatnia. Thank you.. Semoga yang berbagi keteman temannya mendapat balasan kebaikan dan dilimpahkan rezekinnya oleh Allah. Aamiin. Yuk saling berbagi kebaikan:) S t e p : 1. Pakai pashmina sebelah lbh panjang, dan sebelahnya pendek 2. Kemudian sematkan pentul di bawah dagu 3.4 Lalu ambil bagian yg pendek di bawa ke atas kepala dan sematkan pentul di sebelahnya 5.6 Yang bagian panjang di bawa lagi ke atas kepala melewati bagian dada dan sematkan pentul juga. . Finish ♥♥♥