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Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes

Parts of a Circle: "doodle notes" - by Math Giraffe: When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes

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Circumference and Area of a Circle Maze Activity

In this activity students will determine the area and circumference of a circle when given a radius or diameter to get through a maze. What's Included: A maze page A student reference sheet with formulas An answer key for teachers Be sure to download the preview page for a sneak peek inside this resource!Links to Additional Circumference and Area Resources:Matching ActivityColoring Page ActivityMad Lib ActivityCircumference and Area of a Circle Activity PackThis Resource is Also a Part…

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4.MD.5 Poster Set: Relating Fractional Parts of a Circle to Degrees

These 4.MD.5 Common Core aligned learning posters are a great resource for your geometry unit. This 24 poster set will be a great visual reference for your students as you learn about relating fractional parts of a circle to degrees. **We printed ours 2 to a page to save on wall space.

Understanding the Basic Parts of a Sewing Machine

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