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Parkash Singh Badal to sweat it out to check rivals’ campaign

Be wary of ‘anti-sikh’, ‘anti-punjbai’ elements: Parkash Singh Badal

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Hailing the slew of pro-poor and pro-farmer incentives announced by PM Narendra Modi Ji on New Year eve, CM Parkash Singh Badal yesterday said that dynamic and visionary leadership of Mr. Modi was proving as a boon for the entire country as for the first time in the history of Indian democracy, any Prime Minister has taken such decisions which were directed towards the welfare of every strata of society.

Unemployed youth tears his degrees while arguing with Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal -

AAP and Congress have no Sympathy for the people of Punjab, AAP will be the doom of Punjab: CM Parkash Singh Badal

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CM Parkash Singh Badal addressed a huge gathering during Sangat Darshan program in Bucho Mandi assembly segment yesterday and said that river water was the only natural resource of the state and there was no question of sharing it with any other state as we were not having a single drop of excess water. #AkaliDal #ProgressivePunjab

Open Letter to Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal on Sikh Political Prisoners Issue [Audio Version] -