Park min woo

15 Hot guys we thank for breathing

15 Hot guys we thank for breathing

Park Min Woo - Ceci Magazine August Issue ‘14

at some point of time, HE was the U L T I M A T E man of my dreams (it still kinda is actually)

SBS Roommate | Park Min Woo's IG | 1m2actor: "#ShinSungwoo hyungnim #SeoKangjun you have seaweed on you take it off"

Roommates Seo Kang-joon, Shin Sung-woo , and Park Min-woo

The very cute Park Min Woo, who gained popularity after his appearance in FLOWER BOY RAMEN SHOP!

Park Min Woo ♥ He's darling! I loved that his character Ba Wool in flowerboy ramyun shop jealously protected his noona, Yang Eun-bi.