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But what about the boys who are told YOU ARE READY FOR SEX AS SOON AS YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS boys! Do not feel like you must have sex you also have the right to conserve that. Teach kids the emotional side of sex. Boys. Stop pressuring each other please.

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I need feminism because growing up I heard a lot about "safety" and "modesty" but nothing about consent. [click on this image for a brief analysis and remix about rape culture and the recent proliferation of rape jokes on prime time television]

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Start teaching them young. Very young. consent is everything. Extra points for it being the "big comfy couch".

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Talk PANTS and help keep your child safe from abuse. You have to be careful with everyone especially those people close to you. Kids are more vulnerable with people they feel comfortable with! Scary but necessary to talk to your child about starting at 3-4yrs.

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Yes! Please stop. Think of the message you're sending these impressionable young're teaching them at an early age that "boys" being mean to you means they like you. Then parents wonder why their daughters grow up and end up in abusive relationships whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically abusive or all of the above. Well because genius you set that foundation up at an early age. Duh.

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#YesAllWomen //Yes, yes, yes!! Women are not to be held responsible for the actions and impulses of men. Men must learn to be responsible for their thoughts and actions.

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Australian Government Moves To Quickly Pass Laws To Sterilize, Electroshock, And Restrain Children Without Parental Consent