this isn't recycled, but i think i finally found a perfect use for of all those plastic strips from my spare window blinds rather than just trashing them. form. canvas. waves. wavey. white. ripple. | RP » the powers of parametric design

Synthetic Grain utilizes computational design and digital fabrication techniques to mimic natural grain patterns and organic forms with synthetic manufactured

Oleg Soroko is a young architect and designer based to Moscow, he presents his work on parametric design, which gave birth «Scate chair» and a «Parametric bench» with organic shapes.

Parametric Bench – Interior Design by Oleg Soroko More about the parametric bench design concept on WE AND THE COLOR. Design, Interior Design and Product Design inspiration on WE AND THE.

Custore Pavilion / Anna Dobek + Mateusz Wojcicki | ArchDaily

Custore Pavilion / Anna Dobek + Mateusz Wojcicki

Image 4 of 18 from gallery of Custore Pavilion / Anna Dobek + Mateusz Wojcicki. Photograph by Paulina Sasinowska (smileupyourself), Anna Dobek, Mateusz Wojcicki