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Parametric design -- metaphorical for xaxis' service model.

Arch2o-SCAD Digital Fabrication Club (L)ABnormal (7)เป็นดั่งดวงดาวข้างเเรม- I like the use of light behind!

This installation, SCAD, was created for the launch of the inaugural issue of Mesh Magazine - an independent publication that showcases the work with

SF0704-45007-HyattRegency | by Bill in DC

AHHH this is amazing and is huge but doesn't look heavy or imposing, somehow it makes me think of a bugs life and i just love it. Its airy nature and strong lines are lovely

Oleg Soroko is a young architect and designer based to Moscow, he presents his work on parametric design, which gave birth «Scate chair» and a «Parametric bench» with organic shapes.

Parametric Bench – Interior Design by Oleg Soroko More about the parametric bench design concept on WE AND THE COLOR. Design, Interior Design and Product Design inspiration on WE AND THE.

Parametric cubic

Great contrast of materials and forms. Can't tell if it's a render or a physical model. Respect to the creator!

Spore Lamp Laser Cut Pendant Lamp Lighting by TerraformDesigns

Spore Lamp - Laser Cut Pendant Lamp Lighting