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Biostructure by 'thegutlesswonder' on

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Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium, Asymptote Architecture, world architecture news, architecture jobs

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The Dragon Skin Pavilion is an architectural art installation that challenges and explores the spatial, tactile, and material possibilities #architecture is offered today by revolutions in digital fabrication and manufacturing #technology.

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The Swing Pavilion: Lombok International Bamboo Architectural Festival. Highly expressive bamboo pavilion that use traditional bamboo craftsmanship as a construction method. Its geometry is based on the “Enneper Surface”, a double-curved surface that originates in the fields of algebraic geometry. The double-curved surface operates as grid-shell that uses the bending properties of bamboo for its strength.

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Parametric Architecture. Hatert Tower Building. Perforated metal balconies. Nijmegen, #detail #architecture

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16 Of The Year's Coolest Houses (And One Really Ugly One)

PLASMA Studio shook up the look of a quaint hamlet in the Italian Alps with the addition of this angular, timber-lattice residence linked to a more traditional villa #Modern #Architecture

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