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Catholicism was the only form of Christianity in the Dark Ages; the worst period in our human existence (500-1500AD).


31 MAY 2013 - Something on Papal Infallibility (SECOND of a Series): (Matt 23:1-3) (1)Jesus spoke to the multitudes and His disciples, (2) saying: "The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. (3) "Therefore WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU to observe, THAT OBSERVE and DO BUT do NOT DO according to their works; for they...See More


You have to wonder, with so much of the Bible being dismissed, how it can be used as any sort of reliable source of knowledge about God. And as for Papal infallibility...


1870 – The First Vatican Council decrees the dogma of papal infallibility. | ... christianity vol 2 about the declaration of the first vatican council