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bookshelf plus home depot shutters = linen closet, pantry, craft organizer. For all those practical things you need to store that aren't aesthetic. possible use for old shutter closet doors

One idea of many; can't decide on if it should be part of the cabinets or do it as a separate built in

Organize This: Storage Solutions for a Skinny Pantry

Skinny pantry have you down? Learn how to make the most of every inch in your skinny pantry to make food storage and meal prep easier and more efficient!

Just because food is traditionally stored in cupboards, doesn’t mean that it always makes the most sense. In fact, drawers act as incredible food storage solutions because they provide easy access to contents in both the front and back of the cabinet space.

Making the Most of a Pantry-Less Kitchen

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On the Banks of Squaw Creek: DIY Pull-Out Pantry Tutorial

DIY Pull-Out Pantry Tutorial

Hooks instead of shelves for the broom, mop etc On the Banks of Squaw Creek: DIY Pull-Out Pantry Tutorial

DIY pantry from a tv armoire! I love this idea for Shaun's new house, plus we have an old tv armoire in my parents basement

TV Armoire makeover-$45

GET ORGANIZED – Old TV armoire turned into a pantry. Great idea to upcycle! DIY if you have no pantry space: turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard

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