Up close and personal with a black panther.

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Panther, actually a Black Leopard. If you look at the coat in sunlight, you can see faint spots.

Supeebe panthère noire.

In the words of Ogden Nash: "If a panther calls, don't anther." (Black Leopard, there is no such animal as Black panther) - pigmentation -

The Black Panther One of the rarest animal on the planet!

"The Black Panther" One of the rarest animal on the planet!

Most jaguars are covered in beautiful spots. However, there are a small percent that are all black (but sometimes they may still have visible spots) and are known as black panthers.

I would love one of these as a pet...although I don't know how safe that would be...a girl can dream!!

Black panthers are powerful, intelligent, and exotic animals. The black panther’s habitats include the rainforest.

Black Panther Awesome shot!!!

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By the way: She's not harming her cub, this is how big cats (and regular house cats) transport their young when they're not capable of walking yet.

"So very beautiful"

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