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Paris Photos at #Frommer's - A view of *-*.the ornate marble corridors inside the Pantheon, which acts as a national mausoleum and is an example of neo-classical architecture.

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Portico of the Pantheon - Paris - architect, Jacques-Germain Soufflot, built 1758-90

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Pantheon in Latin Quarter-in addition to its magnificent stone/marble work, many famous French citizens are buried here, such as Marie Curie, Voltaire + Victor Hugo #Paris

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Paris, Ile-de-France, France and romance.. Paris is for lovers and romance. Enjoy being there with the person you admire or love. I went there with my first love and still have the photos to this day.

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Photo (P A R I S N I G H T S & N E W Y O R K L I G H T S)

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Interior of the Pantheon, an ancient Roman temple built in honor of Roman gods. Constructed of concrete, it features a large dome with an oculus of 43.3 meters (142 ft) in diameter

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Interior of the Pantheon in Paris, France. When planning to visit France, get a copy of the most complete French phrasebook here:

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