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Steel door covered in Luxury Wood. A must have, all around the house, covering every way in! Basically the same concept as a volt door.

Because I'm a true Southern Girl and want to have the awesome-est storm shelter around :) lol
from The Allstate Blog

What is a safe room? And how can I build one in my home?


We have decided to increase our range of steel double doors. Since we started stocking our steel security double doors, the largest size we went up to was 1795mmx2020mm. For 2012, we will be stocking a new larger size of 1995mmx2020mm, available in our: Multi Point Locking High Security Steel Double Doors Range, Active Leaf: LH and RH & our Double Fire Ext High Security Steel Doors Range, Active Leaf: LH & RH also.


FORT004 is the ultimate burglar resistant door that creates a shield for high risk security objects (private houses, panic rooms). This door has unique and patented construction created by FORT ENGINEERING experts after more than 20 years of research and development. FORT004 was designed applying the extensive FORT ENGINEERING engineers’ knowledge of all possible ways and methods of burglary when heavy-duty, drilling, cutting and hammering tools are used during the assault.