Ancient Greeks Blame Woman for the World's Suffering: In Greek mythology, Pandora disobeyed Zeus and opened the box that contained all of the evils of the world.

Pandora's Box: Ancient Greeks Blame Women for the World's Suffering

"Pandora's Box" Art by Warwick Goble - Folklore/Stories From Ancient Greek Mythology

Pandora's Box Tattoo by *Lucky978 on deviantART

Nosoi (Greek) - A swarm of diseased spirits that escaped from the Box of Pandora. These monsters only appear when you open a wrong treasure chest, as these spirits are locked inside and attack anything that opens the cursed chest.

•♥• Pandora's Box | pandora s box was opened and darkness was release but there was hope ...

pandora's box was opened and darkness was release, but there was hope, that bind inside the box which also set free to all mankind.

Pandoras box - the woman Pandora opens the box - Publisher: Franklin Watts. Illustrated by Fiona Sansom

Pandoras box - the woman Pandora opens the box - Publisher: Franklin Watts. Illustrated by Fiona Sansom

“ MYTHOLOGY MEME | (1/3) OBJECTS PANDORA’S BOX is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days. The “box” was actually a large jar given to...

Supposedly, she only left hope in the box and that is what gets us through these hard times. But also note that Pandora was created as punishment for Prometheus who stole fire and created mankind that rivaled Zeus power.

Frederick Stuart Church (1842 – 1924)Opening Of Pandora's Box

Frederick Stuart Church (1842 – 1924)

OPENING OF PANDORA'S BOX. All the evils of the world flying forth into the world on the opening of Pandora's box. Wood engraving, American, after a painting by Frederick Stuart Church. post 92686579114 photoset_iframe fyeahmythologies tumblr_n8x9vqkcEF1sl6n2i 500 false

Actually, it was foresight left in the box, allowing humanity to maintain hope in a bleak world.

Everyone knows the story of Pandora and imagined what she may have looked like and pictured the box she opened, well here she is "Pandora" by Marta Dahlig opening that darn box. Just beautiful digital work.

With the advancement of tablet and computer technologies these years, digital painting industry has entered its brightest era where every bit of the artist's

‘Pandora’ 1878  Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882) Keeping the lid on Pandora's box by aging gracefully

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