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Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee, 1996 -- loved them together. I was like hell if he can't be with me he might as well be with her... (side note: I HATE his current gf)


Yahoo! searches for 'pixie haircut' are 511 times higher than 2012


Blonde bombshells Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton drop jaws

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are so well-known globally that it’s hard to find a person alive on earth who hasn’t heard of “The Little Mermaid”, “The Ugly Duckling” and other allegorical figures from his tales (but then Disney also had something to do with the branding of Andersen!) Almost all his tales are veiled stories of his own humble origins and burning ambition to rise in the world.


Celebrity homes: Pamela Anderson's beach house in Malibu


Audrey Hepburn exhibiton to open at National Portrait Gallery

The exhibition about Audrey's life will include pictures taken during her days working as a model in London - as well as this image, which was a publicity shot for 1954's Sabrina


Scarborough beach, England, taken in 1897. The bathing trolleys (also called bathing machines) were made so that victorian ladies could get undressed and into their (less than revealing) bathing suits, then be pushed, or pulled, into the sea, and get into the water without revealing themselves to the men's gaze.