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•○• large retro danish scandi style indigo charcoal sideboard tv cabinet •○•

Flour Resist Batik: mix a flour/water 'paste' and apply to fabric with a piping bag, in whatever pattern you want! Let dry overnight. Use thinned faric paint OR thin acrylic paint (we used regular craft paint), mix with fabric medium per manuf directions, and brush on. Layer colors in some places to mix ON the fabric. They will blend nicely if thinned out. Let dry. Then peel off dried 'paste' to reveal the resist pattern beneath! Viola! Back Gate Studio/Boise, ID


DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel

Using an IKEA DIGNITET curtain wire is a quick and easy way to store art supplies so they are close at hand and visible at all times. The IKEA Home Tour Squad used it in their craft room makeover to store watercolor paints!

Tasked with creating a painting studio for an artist in rural Mallorca, local studio Munarq has overhauled a crumbling farmhouse and added a stone-walled extension.