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How to Hide the Lines in Paneling So You Can Paint

Paneling is an inexpensive alternative to refacing interior walls. Though durable, over time it becomes dated and begins to fade. Rather than removing the paneling or drywalling over it, you may elect to paint over it. A problem with painting over paneling is hiding the grooved lines. But the grooves can be hidden to seamlessly paint over to create...

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How to Paint Over Paneling

DIY instructions for painting over that ugly wood paneling that it seems every house on the market has in some room! cheap fix that im sure we'll end up doing!

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How to Fill in the Cracks of Paneling Before Painting

Wood paneling isn't as common as it once was. If your home still has walls covered with wood paneling and you want to paint it, you'll need to fill the cracks wherever two pieces of paneling meet. Drywall joint compound isn't a good idea, because it can crack after it dries; caulk is the best option. Caulk is flexible and will stretch as the...

How to Paint Over Paneling

Painting over paneling. I have done this and it turns out really nice. Cheaper than taking paneling down and putting up drywall.

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Step inside a 1920s mock-Tudor home in Surrey

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