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Mix 1 c. flour, 1 c. salt, 1/2 c. water. Knead into dough, roll it out about 1/4 in. thick. Make a footprint. Use a straw to put 3 holes. big toe, little toe, middle toe. Put your ornament in oven at 200 deg. until dough gets hard all the way through. (This will take several hours I usually cook them over night). Let cool and paint with acrylic paints. When dry varnish (polycrylic) with 3 coats front and back to protect. When dry put pipe cleaners through the 2 side holes and form into…

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Colorful Patchwork style bedsite table

Colourful Patchwork style bedside table great for ethnic ,boho,gypsy or traditional folk,mexican home interior decor must make these for my girls rooms now they are growing up by upcycling the furniture with decoupage of vintage papers and varnish...also cool way to recover settee ,sofa and chairs

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Blue All Star Painted Stone ! Is Painted with high quality Acrylic paints and finished with Glossy varnish protection

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Pastel Geometric Necklace, Wood Geometric Necklace, Hexagon Necklace, Geometric Jewelry

Hand painted and varnish wood necklace colors - pastels lenght- cotton cord 32 inches beads - 20mm Ship time is about 5-10 days to Europe 15-25 to


Hallway – 1st coat of Great white Farrow and ball floor paint + All white Farrow and ball walls and …

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How To Sand Floorboards Yourself

Complete DIY guide to sanding wooden floorboards yourself. Including practical time saving tips and cost breakdown.


This is an excellent example of stencilling where no paint is used! Instead you stencil with varnish, and then stain. The stain doesn't 'take' to the place where the varnish is (so it comes out clear wood colour). Its such a clever idea and means you don't loose the natural beauty of the wood. *Sourced from:


Anselm Kiefer Abendland (Twilight of the West) 1989 lead sheet, synthetic polymer paint, ash, plaster, cement, earth, varnish on canvas and wood