The only reason this is here and not in Anime board is because Pain looks real romantic in this photo. Maybe he's going on a date with KONAN!

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Finally I decided to finish the Sharingan Eye collection. Thank you all you wonderful Naruto fans who were so fun to talk to and geek out about Naruto you've inspired me to complete the serie...

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You don't know when you're happy... Until you fall asleep at thinking of the things that could make you smile, for just a moment.

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"The pain of loss is the same for us all. You and I have both suffered this pain. You fight for your justice and I, for mine. We are ordinary humans, driven by revenge in the name of justice. However, if we disguise our revenge by words of justice, this ‘justice’ grows, gives birth to revenge, and thus the chain of hatred begins." Nagato (as Pain) (RIP); The Kyuubi’s Capture Complete – Naruto: Shippūden E165 | GIF from E164

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