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10 Of The Best Things To Do In Pai, Thailand


Pai Travel Guide - Experience the Magic

Fun Filled Guide to Pai Thailand. The charming & magical city 3 hours north of Chiang Mai is certainly not one to miss! Guide has fun ideas and quirky locations.


8 Reasons Why I'm so Hopelessly in Love with Pai

8 Reasons Why I'm so Hopelessly in Love with Pai. There's so much to do in Pai, northern Thailand, and nearly all are free and in stunning natural surroundings....


A Slice of Pai, Thailand

Natural waterslides outside of Pai - My favorite spot in Thailand, incidentally the same place I crashed a scooter and wound up in hospital


Pai, Thailand - Hippy Hippy Shakes

THAILAND: Pai is a cool hippy town with hostels in the hills, north of Chiang Mai. This place is a hippy haven and the journey to get there is delicious. #backpackers #hippietrail


How to Get to Pai from Chiang Mai

Wondering how to travel Northern Thailand? Here is your travel guide in visiting Pai from Chiang Mai


A Complete Guide to Pai, Thailand

If you love waterfalls, hot springs, mountains, and the occasional (or frequent) cocktail, Pai is likely on your Thailand itinerary. We've put together a complete guide with all the tips and things you need to know before heading to Pai. Continue reading to find out what to do (including some lesser-known gems), what not to do, and where to find the best grub!