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Japanese Garden with a wonderful balance of colors and textures, natural and manmade, stone and living things.


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Pagoda dogwood (Cornus alternifolia) --- a native shrubby tree with wonderful horizontal branches, fine fall color, and berries that attract birds.


pagoda dogwood tree | Pagoda Dogwood Form- recommended by landscaper normally grows 10--20't high and 12x20' wide**planted a bareroot tree East of house in spring 2013 and a potted one in fall 2013**


1. Yew 2. Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood 3. May Apple, Podophyllum peltatum which is a native plant. 4. Solomon Seal, Polygonatum 5. 'Butterfly' Japanese Maple 6. Astilbe 7. Astilbe 8. Astilbe