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I've pinned this already but in pinning it again to give the proverbial middle finger to the fandom snobs who say you can't say Dr. or the Doctor etc etc......the BBC do, and if it's good enough for them .........You can! <<<thank you xx


China's Lijiang is becoming even more popular than it was before. It's not a surprise, considering the sights and people it has, not to mention the city is part of the world heritage! Swiss Halley's offer is WangFu****, have a nice trip!

18 Incredible Places You Won't Believe Are Actually In London

Syon Park. Closest station: Syon Lane, Zone 4 Fare from Zone Syon Park dates back to the century, and once entertained Queen Victoria. The beautiful Great Conservatory on the grounds is a must-see with its delicate architecture and vibrant gardens

The picture shows the now EXTINCT Tasmanian Aborigines (1860). The pictures of the Tasmanians come from the following website: www.tasmani...

Unusual Jobs Of Famous Writers #infographic #Writers #Career #Jobs

Unusual Jobs Of Famous Writers #infographic